Siemens, Princeton, NJ
Research Scientist

  • Develop innovative control and optimization concepts and solutions for power systems
  • Implement concept ideas and solutions in quick prototypes, feasibility studies, technical specifications, and eventually into larger systems and product components
  • Test and validate solutions in laboratory and field tests
  • Identify, define, acquire, and lead industrial R&D projects
  • Work with Siemen’s business units to understand algorithm requirements and deliver solutions
  • Protect the results of our work through patent applications and publish protected results at conferences and in top journals

CP&Y Inc., Dallas, TX
Electrical Engineer II

  • Designed medium voltage and low voltage electrical distribution systems
  • Devised plans for instrumentation, control, and SCADA systems
  • Performed load, voltage drop, and photometric calculations
  • Conducted short circuit, arc flash, and selective coordination studies
  • Interpreted multidisciplinary drawings including architectural, civil, mechanical and HVAC plans
  • Reviewed and edited electrical and instrumentation specifications, including control narratives and interfaced with vendors for equipment selection
  • Coordinated construction administration tasks, including review of shop drawings, proposed contract modifications, attending construction meetings and answering RFI’s
  • Fully conversant with NEC, NFPA 70 and NESC code standards
  • Witness-tested motors, generators and PLC’s
  • Formulated and edited design reports
  • Designated work to CAD operators and designers

Sample Projects:

City of Garland, Northside Pump Station: 

  • Designed a medium voltage master paralleling switchgear with a master controller capable of paralleling two 1500 KW gen-sets at the Northside and Apollo pump stations to provide standby power or export power
  • Recommended going with a 4160 V system (as opposed to the previously designed 2400 V) – resulted in reduced cable sizes and considerable cost savings for the customer.
  • Selected reduced voltage soft starters (RVSS) to allow soft ramping of pumps up to speed and to reduce inrush current. 

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), Frankford Parking Station:  

  • Optimized the number of light fixtures/poles with appropriate wattage and cut-off, while meeting DART’s strict criteria of maintaining a minimum light level of 2.0-foot-candle inside the 9.25-acre parking lot
  • Proposed 10-foot fiberglass poles with 250 W fixtures under 345 KV transmission lines that ran north-south at one end of the parking lot. These design criteria met NESC clearance requirements and addressed concerns regarding induced currents on poles from transmission lines

 Trinity River Authority, Onsite Storage Basin:  

  • Designed a new electrical building with a medium voltage (4160 V) switchgear and motor control center to support the power needs for a new wastewater pump station
  • Designed a PLC panel to receive data from various field instruments (Pressure, Level, Flow transducers etc.) and transmit that information to a central plant location, where various plant operations could be monitored and controlled on a Human Machine Interface.
  • Used SKM to update client’s plant one-line model and perform short circuit, arc flash, and selective coordination studies

General Electric, Houston, TX
Electrical Engineering Co-op, Transformer Repair Cell

  • Analyzed various tests (Megger, TTR, Doble, Oil) to detect transformer faults
  • Conducted quality control checks and internal audits following guidelines given by the ISO
  • Applied lean management techniques to reduced welding and cutting time for transformer lids by 53%
  • Wrote two technical reports on the working of transformers, the repair process, and fault diagnosis tests